"GREATER TUNA" (April 1998)

Directed by Michele Lee Cobb
Set Design by Michele Lee Cobb and Vic Phillipson
Lighting and Sound Design by Vic Phillipson

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move.jpg di-leo.jpg di-rr.jpg elmer.jpg
Thurston and Arles say, "Good Morning, Tuna!" Didi Snavely with Leonard On The Line Didi and R.R. discuss that UFO Elmer Watkins invites y'all to the Klan meeting
char1.jpg ripper.jpg petey.jpg puppy.jpg
Bertha Bumiller discusses Charlene's cheerleader future Aunt Pearl Burras and Stanley take care of ol' Ripper Petey Fisk says his prayers Jody plays with the new puppy
sherif.jpg spikes.jpg ufo.jpg virgil.jpg
Sheriff Givens nabs Stanley Vera Carp listens to the Reverend Spikes Is that really a UFO?! Pearl and Vera keep and eye on Virgil