That Was Roadside Music!


Directed by by Sue Leibfried, Jennifer Quilty & Steven Stanfill

Show Dates:
Feb. 10, 11, 12, 17 & 18 at 7:30 pm

Cast and Crew

Production Photos

Show Information:

SOUND SENSATION, the Roadside Theater Show Choir, presents a musical medley of The Roadside Theater over the last 50 years. Filled with song and dance, the show features Roadside's greatest hits and is sure to bring back memories. Come celebrate our history at the Roadside Theater!

The Company:
Oscar Adams, David Burmedi, Sascha Coursen, Cyndi Drew, Amy Funderburk, Melissa Groom, Carsten Hanisch, Linda Harley, Justyna Hinz, Julie Hodge, Connie Howard, Jerrica Howard, Huseyin Huseyin, Stephanie Krebs, Louis Leibfried, Sue Leibfried, Beate Mangler, Jacqueline Mangler, Cheryl Forest Morganson, Brian Osborne, Sylvia Pancake, Chris Pancake, David Peralta, Jeanne Ragnese, Sylvia Rausch, Brian Rausch, Regina Rosenberger & Kristi Vogt

The Crew:
Directors - Sue Leibfried, Jennifer Quilty, & Steven Stanfill
Musical Director, Conductor & Accompanist - Jennifer Quilty
Assistant Music Director & Rehearsal Accompanist - Cheryl Forest Morganson
Choreographers - Denise Coulter, Arianna Heck, Louis LeibFried, & Steven Stanfill
Technical Director - Sandy Everett
Assistant Technical Directors - Andy Meredith, Brian Rausch, & Dane Winters
Stage Manager Andy Meredith
Sound Design - Chris Pancake
Sound Operator - Kait Worsham
Light Board Operator - LTC Mona Discavage
Slide Show Operator - Marion Ruck
Spot Operators - Max Petrunyak & Marika Barth
Hair & Makeup Mistress - Victoria Adams
Costume Mistresses - Michiel DeVito, Elfi Carberry & Sandy Sapatka