The Roadside Theater Show Choir Debut Concert

At the newly renovated Off Main Street Theater, Coleman Barracks, Mannheim
Show Dates: Feb. 8, 9, 15 & 16 at 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 16 at 3 p.m. (Special Family Matinee)

Sue Leibfried and Beth Wagenaar

SFC Steven Stanfill and Arianna Heck

The Choir:
John Anton, Cathy Banks, Mary Brown, David Burmedi, Maddy Bush, Cyndi Drew, SGT Vincent Fortado, Amy Funderburk, Melissa Groom, Linda Harley, Constance Howard, Jacqueline Howard, Jocelyn Howard, Carl Johnson, Lisa Jones, Lori Jones, CPT Nate Karow, Andreas Kraft, Michaela Lacy, Monica Lacy, Morgan Lacy, Emma Leibfried, Louis Leibfried, Tori Grace Nichols, Chris Overly, Chris Pancake, Sylvia Pancake, Amanda Perzel, CPT Pete Perzel, Karin Pugliese, Nilene Quigley, Brian Rausch, Sylvia Rausch, Bernd Roeder, Regina Rosenberger, SFC Charles Ross, Marion Ruck, Yvonne Siverling, Laura von Seggern.

Production Photos

Cast and Crew

Photos from our G3 Dining Out Performance

Group photo from our G3 Dining Out Performance

Performance Information:

We are very pleased to present a premiere concert of this new Roadside Theater performance group. These talented singers and dancers will present a wide variety of enjoyable music - from Broadway to Hollywood, from Rock 'n Roll to Walt Disney.

Reservations and Ticket Information:

$12 for adults; $10 for students/seniors, $8 for youth. (5-11 years) and $5 for children under five.

We regret children under five years of age can only be admitted to the Special Family Matinee.

Season Ticket Holder Reservations begin Jan. 22. General Seating Reservations begin Jan 29. Reservations are recommended.

Non-US Military ID Cardholders must contact the Roadside Theater with passport information no later than Tuesday morning before performances for admittance.